Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lola's Corner - Good Golly Miss Molly

Let me tell you about my Labor Day weekend. I got to go play with aunt Lucky. Last time I was there, she was somewhat territorial and kept barking at me, but there were lots of people there. This time there weren't so many people there and I think she's comfortably settled into her new home. So we got lots of good bonding and wrestling time in. She is so much fun!!! Can't you see just how happy we both are?!? We had the best time.
I let her win this round because, well I wanted her to keep playing and I didn't know if she'd get mad and go away if I was always winning. Plus I was a little annoying probably, as I kept draping my arm around her shoulder and hanging on her. Thanks for playing with me aunt Lucky. I hope to see you again real soon!!!
Meet Molly. She's the latest foster sister to Buster and Aspen. She's kind of nervous and timid and not everyone knows how to love her. But she's in a very loving home until a good family that can commit to her and her "issues." But she's is very sweet and lovable so I'm sure a great family will come along.
This is Molly with Buster in the back ground
Awww Molly, you have a face anyone could love

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