Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Movies That Made Me Cry - Or Still Do

I used to pride myself on being unaffected by movies. Completely stoic if anything sad came on. I really can't tell you when or why it changed, but I'll blame puberty. That's enough to make any girl cry. And about the time I saw the first one on the list as I saw it at my grandma and grandpa's house on VHS.

- This is the first movie I remember crying when I saw it, but I kept this shameful secret to myself and excused myself to the bathroom. We didn't know if he was going to live or die...how could this not be sad???

Steel Magnolias - A baby's momma passing out in front him and subsequently dying. How could this not be sad??? oh and Daryl Hannah's Glasses were pretty sad too.

Turner and Hooch - I can tune into the last what 5 or 10 minutes and still cry without ever seeing the first part of the movie. Why did Hooch have to die??? Why couldn't Tom Hanks die??? Then I wouldn't cry.

on the Doggie note

I Am Legend - For those of you that haven't seen it, it again has to do with a dog.

Just know if a dog dies, I will cry. Unless it's a Chihuahua or a few other breeds I won't waste my time naming...

Old School - If you haven't paid attention to the band at the reception in the beginning of the movie, then you haven't bothered to watch the movie. Also Weensey on the Roof at initiation was pretty hysterical. Both of these made me laugh so hard tears came out.

Blades of Glory - If their X in one of their routines didn't make you laugh so hard you cried, something is wrong with you. There were several other scenes equally as funny but that particular scene just kept building and building.

Pure Luck - Straw up the nose I seem to remember among other scenes that I'm certain made me laugh so hard the tears started rolling. It's been a long time since I saw it though.

In the recently viewed category

The Notebook - I am ashamed but I did watch this the other week for the first time and cried like a pregnant woman. And I'm not. That's how happy old married couples should go, together in their sleep on the same night.

Tropic Thunder - Tom Cruise made me cry and so did one other scene involving Jack Black being tied to a tree. Tears of laughter I mean. If you haven't seen it, it's worth the matinee (I don't think any movie is worth more than a matinee)

I'm sure there are several that I left off of the list, but as my memory seems to be failing me in my old age, these are the ones that made an impact on me.

What are some of the movies that have made you cry? Funny or sad....


Chris said...

Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan

The only time I ever cried during a movie was the scene where Spock died.

Traci said...

Top Gun!

Amber Sunshine said...

Spock - Awesome cry-worthy moment. Never saw it but I love me some Star Trek...

and how could I forget the death of Goose??? Another cry-worthy moment.

Les said...

I am such a cry baby at movies...But im not embarrased.
They filmed Turner & Hooch at my Aunts house (the vet's house I think). That movie was so low buget that they didnt even have trailers. Tom Hanks had to sleep on my aunts couch....but he paid all the bills while he was there.