Monday, September 8, 2008

Take the Deal!!!

Why is it that everyone that goes on Deal or No Deal thinks that they actually do have the million or $500,000 or whatever big number in their suitcase? Well I realize some people do actually walk away when they get to the $100k or $200k point, but it seems like more often then not these people get you on their side rooting for them to win big, and when they could, they still don't take the deal until it's too late and there back to a low number. It's like they are in Vegas and think they can win their money back. And then I get mad at them for being so greedy. And then I get mad at myself for even watching. hmmm

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Emma said...

I know! This summer, while in San Francisco, I went to D&B and saw people playing the arcade version of Deal or no Deal. They kept pressing "No Deal" constantly, as if they were actually going to get the highest amount! I found it mind-boggling.
Nice blog you got here, by the way. :)