Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deep Thought or Technical Question

If I wanted to "kick someone off the Internet" could I do that? How would I go about doing that? or vice versa, what steps would one have to take to indeed "kick me off the Internet?" hmmm


Chris said...

Kick you off the internet? But why? :-)

Easiest way is to complain about you to your ISP, and if they are responsive to such complaints they could disconnect your access. Of course you can sign up with another ISP.

There are ways to bombard your website with millions of bogus hits, it's called a denial of service attack. Most good ISPs have countermeasures in place to help you recover.

If the malicious user could convince you to click on a specific website or open an email attachment he could give your computer a virus which would allow him to take it over. Then he could make it look like you're disconnected from the internet by redirecting all your dns queries to a bogus server.

There are boyz in the NSA who have even better tricks, but I'm not authorized to talk about them.

Amber Sunshine said...

Nice..Thanks for the insight. I'm technically challenged...I haven't a clue why anyone would want to kick me crazy is that...i mean I have a cute puppy for a face that no one in their right mind could resist.