Monday, October 13, 2008

Tony, It's Time to Dump Jessica

I can't keep my mouth shut, so for those of you that would rather not hear my hot sports opinion, bear with me or scroll down to another favorite post.

I know that die hard and casual Cowboys fans like to blame Jessica when Tony screws up a game. And while he wasn't the only one who screwed up yesterday, his mistakes single handedly cost them the game. This isn't Jessica's fault. As far as I can tell she quit showing up to the game or at least jumping around in front of the cameras for all to see. She is who she is and in order to stay relevant, she needs to have all the photo ops she can. She is a professional celebrity unless she can prove a success in country music. Personally whoever taught her to do that stupid thing with her voice (you know what I'm talking about if you've ever listened to her) that took away from her actual singing ability is to blame for her struggling music career rather than a successful one.

But I digress..

Tony's problem, as I see it (and I'm sure I'm not the first to think it), is that he has come to enjoy "being a celebrity" that he's forgotten how to "be a football player." He needs to put anything in his life that's a distraction to "being a football player" so he can focus on doing his job. That is if he likes doing his job. Because remember Tony, it was doing your job that made you a celebrity. And you've changed your focus from doing you job to being a celebrity. Let me make something real clear to you. YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY BEING A FOOTBALL PLAYER THAN A CELEBRITY!!!! So let it go. There are plenty of other football players that keep a low profile and show up every week and do their job. That's all we're asking of you. So if that means you don't date for the next 10 years fine. Or if you can handle dating, fine. Just don't date anyone that calls the paparazzi every time you go out. In fact don't go out. You make enough money to stay in. Just a thought....And don't date someone that blabbering about how much you all are in love when there are rumors flying about you're talking to her nemesis/your ex fling or whatever that was...We don't want to hear about you in the tabloids, gossip, or anything else not related to football.

So shape up or ship out Romo...

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