Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lola's Corner - A Day Early

Hello everyone and welcome back to my corner. Today I'm going to rant about the stupid woman at the dog park. She was a big kill-joy. She took all the fun out of my day. Not really. I had a blast there in spite of her. And she showed up at the end after I was all wore out, but that doesn't excuse her kill-joy behavior.

I was playing with her dog (not pictured here), and we were wrastling just playing around like we dogs do. Well we were both up on our hind legs hugging each other, because this is what we boxers do with dogs that oblige our method of play. Anyways Kill-Joy makes an exasperated statement "who's boxer is this?" My mommy spoke up with pride and Kill-Joy rudely says to her "get your dog off my dog." To which mommy defended both of us by saying "they are just playing." To which Kill-Joy says "I know but that's how my dog can get aggressive."

Well why did you bring your dog to the dog park lady!?!?!? And let me just point out, Kill-Joy, that I am a wee bit bigger than your dog and I can handle myself. Maybe you ought to just let your dog have a little fun once in awhile and it wouldn't get "aggressive" as you say. Or maybe it just gets "aggressive" because you over react and intervene any time he/she plays rough with another dog. We're dogs, that's what we do!!!! We play rough with each other, but we know our limits. Way to go Kill-Joy. I hope you're happy with yourself. I wonder how many other dogs you ran off because your dog just wanted to play with them. Is that how you are or were with your kids? Oh no!!! Can't let them play. They might have fun....We'd hate for fun to suddenly start happening....

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