Friday, October 17, 2008

Deep Thought or Too Much Time on My Hands

Sometimes wish I could DVR my dreams so that I could catch up on the ones I missed. Or re watch the ones that were so crazy so I could confirm that I did indeed dream that. Am I alone in that?


Daedalus said...

Be glad you don't remember all of them. It's a curse. Take it from someone who remembers 5 or 6 dreams a night and can't remember if those dreams were dreams or if they actually happened. Take, for instance, my dream about buying a certain CD a couple of nights ago. Today, I actually looked all over for it before realizing I never actually bought it.

cube said...

I agree with daedalus. Sometimes it's best not to remember.

Amber Sunshine said...

Ah but if it were recorded you could have watched to see if it was a dream before even looking :) ...that said I realize there a lots of dreams I'm sure that I'd rather not remember.