Sunday, November 30, 2008

The New Word for Next Year

I recently heard that the word for this year 2008, is bailout. This is followed by vet, vetted, or any derivitive. From my experience it would have to go to vetted. This is because I had never heard the term until this election season. As soon as I heard it, I noticed many people using it at work in meetings, unnecessarily I might add. I find both of these words obnoxious and irritating.

Anyway, I'm starting the ball rolling on next year's word of the year. With your help we can make this happen. I came up with it on a fluke in my boss's boss's office while explaining some numbers. The word is:

Dramastically - When Dramtically and Drastically just don't quite get the point across by themselves.


The pain in my back is reduced dramastically when I do my stretching exercises.

The fiscal impact is changed dramstically when the new found circumstances are taken into account.

I like this word. I think it has a nice ring to it. And has definitely has a lower irritation factor than the words bailout and vetted. So join with me, let's put out a dramastic effort to make this the 2009 word of the year. People will think you're clever and funny as I got quite a laugh when I used it.


jan said...

Great blend words like humungous and emoticon started this way.

Christ said...

Hope in 2009 everyone happy and healthy.

Chandira said...

One I can't personally stand is 'webinar'.. Urghh..

I like 'dramastically' though. I think 'misunderestimate' has made it into my vocabulary now too, for better or worse.

Amber Sunshine said...

Nice I like it...I'm sure I could find an appropriate use of misunderestimate at work..