Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I Hate/Things I Love

Things I Hate (In no particular order)
-People wearing a blue tooth in their ear while not on the phone
-My Job
-My Hair
-Wasteful Spending
-Necessary Spending
-My Moments of Insanity
-Inappropriate Sensitivity
-Hurting people's feelings
-Speed Traps
-Speeding Tickets; especially for less than 11 miles over the limit
-My Feet
-Tooth Pain
-Food Poisoning
-My Irrationality
-Refusal to learn from mistakes
-Feeling trapped in a job
-That I'm not more of a risk taker
-Income Taxes
-Being Sad
-Not remembering details that other people do

Things I Love (In no particular order except the first 2)
-My Husband
-My Dog
-Ice Cream
-My Friends
-My Family
-A good belly laugh
-A good sense of humor
-Having a genius moment of wit drawing roaring laughter from others
-$4 Sweaters
-Playing with dogs
-Sales Tax (as opposed to Income ala the Fair Tax)
-Being Outside
-Religious Freedom
-Being Valued
-Skiing (Snow and Water)
-Being Responsible
-How teenagers think they're soooo deep (I know I did)
-Cool Whip
-The Office (the TV show and the movie)
-Personal Responsibility
-Paying off debts
-Days off work
-Good Memories
-Memory loss related to a painfully itchy allergic reaction to penicillin 11 years ago
-People who can be objective and open-minded
-Getting comments on my posts


Traci said...

Well, since you love comments on your posts I thought I'd drop by to say I LOVE FRIDAY!!! I also found your hate of inappropriate sensitivity interesting. I hate it, too, but I'm afraid I'm also an offender. :-) Have a great weekend!

Amber Sunshine said...

I know I'm an offender at times and I hate it even worse when I do it.

I did leave Friday off. I love that too!!

Christiane said...

I love my friend Amber!

cube said...

I share some hates and I share some loves.