Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's Your Dream Job?

I wonder how many people are actually getting paid to do their dream job. I am not one of those lucky people. It took me 30 years to narrow my dream job down to 2 possibilities on the complete opposite spectrum of jobs. One job thrives on donations or being independently wealthy and the other most likely gets paid a pretty hefty salary.

The first dream job is to rescue dogs from kill shelters that are about to get executed by virtue of not getting adopted by anyone. But I envision having my facility on several acres, living there with large indoor/outdoor kennels for the dogs and large open play areas for them during the day. Some of them may live there their whole lives, but hopefully most would find good homes to get adopted out to, but have a good loving resort-like interim home until they find their forever home.

This dream job makes me sound like a good, sweet, loving person doesn't it?

My other dream job is to be the consultant that goes into government agencies and cuts out the fat with an axe or butcher knife or whatever. I know it sounds like I want to lay off a bunch of people right? At times that may happen, however I've found working for the government that many jobs stay open for months and months and months without ever putting a strain on the people handling those responsibilities in the interim. In fact many of those people are bored, ask for more to do, get rejected so that an added position can be "justified." That's wasteful spending of your tax dollars, and it exists at the city, county, state, and federal level. Especially in agencies that have gotten so big and bureaucratic. So in essence, I want to be the person that eliminates wasteful spending in these government agencies and advises or teaches them how to make more efficient use with a reasonable amount of resources though methods such as cross training and delegation to name a couple.

Some of you will think this makes me sound like a horrible evil person. I respectfully disagree. I believe it's a job that helps governments be better stewards of your tax dollars.
So if you're with a consulting firm looking for a quality person like me, I can be reached at Lola's email address

What's your dream job? And are you currently getting paid for it or not?


Amran Ismail said...

Hey lola,

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Amran Ismail

Erik said...

Wow. I don't know that I've ever met anyone who dreamt of being a hatchet man, but I can appreciate your version.

My dream jobs are massage, art, photography and performance art. I am being paid well for the first and more each day for the others. I lead a blessed life and hope more people have the opportunity to do the same.