Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Best Time of the Year

How many of you are glad halloween is over? I know I must be the halloween grinch, but as we are childless, we shut our lights off and run for the back with no intention of answering the door if it rings. This year we went camping. Apparently Satan's minions like to go camping too. Apparently there were a bunch of witches camping mere yards from us. Not in our loop, but close enough to be loud obnoxious and well chanty. Lesson learned: next time the crazy old lady or man running the check in desk at the rural state park tells you you don't want to go over there because there's a bunch of witches over there, THEY AREN'T YANKIN' YOUR CHAIN!!! Luckily I didn't have confirmation of this until after making it through the night as I wasn't the one that checked in. Thank God for husbands that spare you that kind of information so as to not freak you out. I slept very well, except for the few times Lola woke me up growling at something sneaking around in the brush. I just hope those witches weren't after us. Who knew witches went camping on halloween??? Shouldn't they be giving out candy or something??? I think I saw some in the bathroom and their outfits were nothing like the costumes they sell in the store. I saw no brooms, pointy hats, black robes, or long crooked noses. So how was I to know??? Glad I didn't...until the next day.

I apologize, I got sidetracked. This is about the best time of the year. Thanksgiving is coming and I don't know about you all but it's the one Holiday that the greeting card, candy, and miscellaneous retail companies haven't hijacked for their pleasure. It's the one Holiday where you get to look forward to a day or two off of work, getting together with family and/or friends, relaxing, eating and having a good time without the pressure of gifts, cards, or spending money you don't want to spend. If you're lucky, you don't have to worry about making it to all extended family Thanksgiving dinners. If you're not that lucky, I'd find a way to work out just one. It's so much easier to put that off until Christmas when there's often a little more time, and usually a little more flexibility on when to get together.

Anyways I love Thanksgiving. I love looking forward to it. And I hate to see it go when it's over. Because that means a mad dash to start and or finish Christmas shopping. I'd enjoy Christmas a lot better if it were more like Thanksgiving. That's not to say I don't enjoy giving or getting, but it gets more complicated when you start a family of your own and still have expectations within your former family unit and take on a new family unit. Luckily I like to think that siblings are understanding of this dilemma and are OK with just getting together and enjoying each others company. But every family's different. Hence why I like Thanksgiving better. Less pressure.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! Enjoy it as long as possible because before you know it it will all be over.


April Elizabeth said...

i love halloween, so i can't comment on this post. i just found your blog and i like it but i must say Lola is the most beautiful dog. I love her.

Amber Sunshine said...

I love her too!!! She's so snuglishious

reojames said...

I agree 100%
I have two kids, both teens, now, but NONE of us have really ever liked halloween.
Thanksgiving, however, ranks #1 in our family! We all agree that it is even better than Christmas as far as fun goes. Christmas is a much more important and holy day, but Thanksgiving is awesome!