Friday, May 2, 2008

Andrea and Dylan Kiss?!?! Who's bright idea was that?

So I was inspired to write this as I was watching reruns of 90210 yesterday. Back in the day when it was on I’m pretty sure I was in denial about even watching the show or liking it. I know I caught a lot of the show in reruns while they were still making new episodes. Now I know that everything that happens in the show is just ridiculous to begin with and rarely if ever applied to any of us. But this one particular thing I can’t let go because it is so outlandishly ridiculous that I can’t believe it was written this way and made it through editing.

So Andrea leaves the show after she gets knocked up and married on the show (which is a whole other ridiculous story line that I won't get into here). And in her big emotional good-bye to the gang, she kisses each of the guys on the lips. I can’t remember if she kissed the girls on the lips because I was hung up on the fact that she was kissing Dylan, David, and Steve on the lips when in reality her only real association and reason to be on the show was Brandon. The friendships with the girls were added gratuitously to give her further reason to be on it. I’m not sure that she even talked to Dylan before the last season or two other than in the midst of “the gang.” The closest they ever got was probably taking this promo photo. They struggled the last few seasons to even give her a relevant association with Dylan by having them study together or having him “save her marriage”….HOGWASH I tell you…you don’t kiss that guy on the lips good-bye…Who does that???? Really??? At best he gets a hug. And in reality that's all he's willing to give. REALLY?? Lip to lip contact between Dylan and Andrea?? Think about it.

I had many guy friends in my college and post college years that came and went out of my life. I never ONCE got a kiss on the lips good-bye. And I’ll tell you why. Because it's just weird and creepy.

And doing that in front of your husband or your friend’s girlfriend. Can we say awkward? You just might have started two fights unnecessarily. I mean the South American or European kiss on the cheek would have been much less offensive to me and more believable.
Even though I know television shows aren’t always realistic and usually fantasy based, that was just taking it way overboard. So that’s my peace on how ridiculous Andrea’s exit was.


Traci said...

Andrea was secretly jealous of everyone else's "escapades" so she was just making up for lost action in my opinion. She was such a misfit. Except for the one time Nick's uncle almost tackled me, I have never kissed somebody on the lips that I wasn't dating. icky

Christiane said...

I did love the show, but I agree with you. I've never kissed a friend on the lips. That's a little bit too personal, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Dudes...I hated Andrea.