Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lola's Corner - Dedicated to your pets

Hello everyone, My name is Lola (in case you haven't figured that out) and since my mom knows I'm a working dog, she assigned me to do a weekly column dedicated to your furry friends. Secretly I think it's because she's lazy and has decided to outsource part of her blog to someone much cuter and feistier than she is. I like the dog park, eating random junk I find in the yard, and making my parents chase me like idiots all around the yard.

The purpose of this column will be to share tips and tricks and cute pictures of all your furry and/or winged friends with everyone. I will also review various products that I have tried or currently use for your benefit, should you be looking for advice on a that particular item or category of item.

For this week my tip will be on finding out which plants in your yard may be poisonous. This link will take you to the ASPCA poison control center. Half way down the page is a series of links for toxic and non-toxic plants. There is also other useful information with regards to poison control for your pets.

The reason this is so important is because our neighbors decided to poison me before I was even born by planting a Chinaberry tree I think. Anyways it has berries that grow on it. They fall to the grown on my side of the fence, and well me being a mischievous little puppy that likes to eat everything in site, well I was eating them. My mommy and daddy were bad parents for not finding this out ahead of time, although they would try to take them out of my mouth if they caught me with them. But I would run as fast as I could all over the yard so they couldn't catch me. They looked really silly chasing after me. By the time I let them catch me, I had done the deed and swallowed the berries. Luckily these berries are only toxic in large portions and all I got was runny poo. Now they pick up any berries that fall on our side and throw them over the gate so that I can't eat them.

I have an email address all to myself. I'd like to invite you to send me pictures of your beloved cats, dogs, birds, fish, or whatever member of the family that is not of the human persuasion. Email them to me at Please don't send me pictures that include children or other humans in them as this is an open and searchable blog and I don't want to be responsible for unwanted stalkers or have to go bite anyone. Please send me the name of your pet as well and from time to time I will post fun pictures of your pets.

In case you're wondering why Lolafrog, this is why.

Well and I bounce a lot. I look forward to hearing from you all and bringing you as much enjoyment as I bring my mom and dad.

Slurpy Kisses,


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