Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hollywood Writer’s Strike – What a Bunch of Lazy Ingrates

Ok, now I know I’m not the only one ticked off by having to endure a television season full of bad reality TV or reruns after anticipating the start of the new season. Why couldn’t they strike after they’d finished the season? Would that have been so difficult for them? They’re off anyways, and we the viewers wouldn’t have noticed or cared. But as it is I’m ticked off at them. They didn’t stick it to the networks, because they still ran shows and sold advertising. They stuck it to us, the hard working average Americans, who just want to sit down and enjoy our favorite shows after a long day at work.

I hope it backfires on them. And here’s my theory on that. You see all the new shows that came out for a minute and then went on strike; we all already forgot what they were called and who was in them. The same goes for the shows that were new the second half of the season last year. Can’t remember if I liked them or not. I didn’t get a chance to find out if I even cared to like them. Way to go writers of those shows. I bet this was your big break wasn’t it? And look where it got you. Probably broke and back at your job waiting tables or whatever it is you do to make a living. Was it worth it? I understand wanting to get paid but isn’t that why people negotiate producing credits as well? Come on use your head! Don’t pay a union to open their big fat mouths on your behalf. Isn’t that what an agent is for?

I say be a scab. Cross that picket line and do your job like the rest of us. Break the unions and quit paying dues to them. You’ll probably find out that you can make more money without their “help.” How did they help you while you were on strike and your show got cancelled? Did they get you a new job on a hit show like The Office, Lost, CSI, or the Law and Order franchise? No? What??? GOOD!!! They took your money and let the door hit you on your way out. I hope you learned your lesson, because a partial season was just not good enough for you or us. I for one would have been happy to be a scab writer. I bet I could have written something better than nothing, which is what you all wrote?

So to sum it up; don’t let it happen again or we just might go on strike from watching TV altogether. I’m prepared to do that. Even if I’m alone in that effort. One person CAN make a difference. Right?

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