Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lola's Corner

Welcome back to my corner ladies and gentlemen. I hope you find me worthy of your time yet again. I'm cute enough so how can you not want to give me some of your time?

So funny story...So I was playing in the pampas grass or however you spell it and I made myself a little platform up there with my repetitive jumping. By the time I was finished with it, I could have jumped the fence if I wanted to. Here's the funny part, my parents let me get away with it long enough to get some pictures, and after that I got in trouble for jumping up there. Ha ha ha, big, fat, buzz-kill, jerks!!! I'll get them back some day when they least expect it.

So I have a few more friends to introduce you to. This week is going to be about my cousins and my cousins once or twice removed however that works.

These are my cousins Timmy and Honey. They live a couple of hours away from me here in Texas up close to Ft. Worth. I haven't met them but I hope they are feisty enough to go a few rounds with me when I do meet them.

This is My 1st cousin once or twice removed or maybe that makes him my 2nd cousin, but his name is Buster. He was a puppy mill rescue and I hear he's just and sweet as can be. I have a special Christmas picture of Buster with Santa, but I'll share it with you as we get closer to Christmas.

This is Buster with his new sister Aspen. She moved in as a foster and decided to keep Buster as a brother. She's deaf, but her new mom said she's already learned several signs and is very smart. I bet we'd have a good ol' time playing together, but they live in Nebraska so we'll have to talk our parents into taking us on road trips if we are to meet. Check out the South Dakota Boxer Rescue link that Buster and Aspen sent under the Links section over on the side to see more sweet, lovable boxers up north.

Well that's it for this addition, I have to get back to rolling in the grass since my mom just put some stuff on me to repel fleas. I just want to make sure it works.
Remember you can send pictures of your non-human kids to me at Thank you to everyone that has sent me pictures. As I am getting more and more now, don't get mad if I don't get to yours right away.
Until next time chew toy days and june bug dreams.

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Traci said...

Did she get cut up in the grass? That stuff is like knives! Very funny, Lola!