Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lola's Corner - Why Dogs Eat June Bugs, Poo, and Other Disgusting Things

So I’m 4 ½ months old now and I’ve discovered the joys of puppy-hood. I get to learn about the wonderful things, this brand new world to me, has to offer. About a month ago, I found out that when I went outside at night there tons of these bugs flying, sitting, walking, and mating all over the place. Mom and dad call them June bugs. I called them a formal challenge. For every time I went outside they flew around my face “daring” me to catch them. I’ll tell you what, those suckers sure are slow. Or maybe I’m just the quickest pup in the south. I caught every one that flew around my head and chased many others jumping and leaping with glee. They are just a mouthful of crunchy goodness. Kind of like how you humans enjoy the fresh crunch of a bowl of cereal.

Mom and dad discovered the sweetness of my June bug habit in the form of June bug poo. Apparently we only digest the innards of them, which makes for funny poo. Which brings me to my next point. Poo. It’s just funny. How can you not play with it? We get tired of the same ol’ toys and eating grass and leaves. Playing with and eating our poo spices things up. Plus we get a super cool reaction from you humans. If I had a milk bone for every time mom and dad chased me around the yard trying to get the poo, or whatever random thing I’ve found, out of my mouth, I’d get several more a day than I normally get. It’s not so much about eating the poo as it is engaging you in a game of “catch me if you can.” And we know the more horrendous the item in our mouth, the more likely we are to get you to play until we’re done. Besides if we swallow it, it’s just going to come right back out again. No harm no foul. Well except for foul breath. But we like the taste of doggy toothpaste and so if it prompts you to try and brush our teeth, BONUS!!! We get to eat the toothpaste. The more the better.

So to sum it up what you should have learned from this
1. June Bugs are a challenge!
2. June Bugs are crunchy!
3. Poo is just funny! Don’t try to deny it.
4. Catch me if you can is the world’s greatest game!
5. Doggy toothpaste rocks!

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LarryAndro said...

Beware! Miss Sunshine. I just read yesterday that Cheetahs in captivity die from eating poo!! I think you should turn your dog back into the wild where Cheetahs don't die from eating unnatural substances, where your dog can die happily from being eaten by a Cheetah! A much more natural dignified death. (LarryAndro)