Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harrison Ford Waxes his Chest, Thus, Saving the World

First of all, go read this article before reading on.

So apparently you can Google image “Harrison Ford’s Chest,” and a picture of his chest waxing comes up all over the place. Check it out, it's facinating. I’m sure he thinks that he’s making the point that his chest needs hair just like forests need trees. Or perhaps that cutting down trees hurts as bad as a good waxing. Since without them we will all choke to death on our own CO2, and obviously without chest hair, his career would be dead.

Well here’s the thing, what if Harrison Ford’s chest looks better without hair? Is that going to confuse the viewers of this public service announcement? Harrison Ford looks better without chest hair, so our world looks better without trees. What if someone watching doesn’t have chest hair? Is the metaphor lost on them? Are they found wildly running down the street screaming, distressed over the meaning that was lost on them? What do trees and chest hair have in common? I mean they aren’t even removed in the same way are they? One way involves wax, and the other involves a chain saw, or some other sophisticated form of extraction.

Ah…here’s what they have in common. Both are providing jobs to someone who would like to put food on their table, and maintain independence from their families or from the government taking care of them.

I think a more effective way of making the deforestation point would be to plant a tree or two. And to get other people involved in planting trees. I get it, we need trees all over the world. Just the other week, we replaced a poorly planted and falling over tree in our yard with a new one. But here’s the thing, people need jobs, and countries should be allowed to use their resources. Remember trees are a renewable resource. If a country wants to sustain a healthy economy, they’ll learn quickly that they must replace what they’ve used that is stimulating their economy. Shoot, we can even teach them this if they don’t seem to know it already. But don’t insist they stop doing something just because you don’t like what they are doing. It’s like banning smoking in bars, without asking the establishment owners and customers how they would respond to it. (Inhibit capitalism).

Thanks for saving the world Harrison Ford, one chest hair at a time. I’m going to go save a forest now and wax my chest! Join with me all you tree lovers out there.

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