Monday, August 11, 2008

Asolo Italy Part 1

This is Asolo a tiny little town in the north of Italy about an hour west of Venice. This is where I lived for 10 months of my life while going to school. It's a picturesque town right out of a movie. Actually there have been a couple movies there but I can't remember which ones. But one of the coffee shops/bars has a picture of John Malkovich on the wall. I just looked it up and it was the movie Ripley's Game and it was partly shot there. Now I need to run out and rent it. Here's a fun fact, I saw the movie Being John Malkovich for the first time in Asolo. So does that mean there are 2 degrees of separation between me and John? Here's one more fun fact for any of you that watch the bachelor. Aaron Buerge Bachelor number 2 I think, went to the same school I did a few or several years earlier. I saw pictures and Wikipedia will vaguely verify this or over embellish the degree he got. Note to self, change your resume to show your degree as an MBA in International Finance. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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