Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jolie-Pitt Kids Turning Cheetos Orange?/How I Spend my Days at Work

I got this great idea to blog about how the Jolie-Pitt kids have been photographed a lot lately eating Cheetos. So when I went searching for pictures of it and found someone beat me to the punch. So I'll give you the link since I haven't been keeping up with their photo-op diet.

Either way, they ought to try better by putting some fruit or veggies in their kids hands when the cameras are around, otherwise they might start getting turned down for adoptions if they think all their kids eat is Cheetos. Seriously, Cheetos are like carrots, if you eat too many, you might turn orange....

Now onto my next feature. I'm going to try and work this in some how. It may be my new weekly post to replace entertainment since there are so many great entertainment blogs out there that I don't even care to read. Meaning I'm terrible at finding great entertainment stories to blog about.

So as I work for the government, you can guess that I am one of two people. One someone who is dramatic about how busy I am and all the over time I put it because I'm just so busy. Or two, someone who is bored to tears except when my stuff has been put off as long as possible by management so we have to rush to finish everything at the last possible minute even though I was ready to move on it 8 months ago.

See if you can guess which one I am by the following...

This is what I proudly refer to as excel art. Aren't I just the most talented person ever. I even named them at the time, I just can't remember what. I think the purple and green one was called "Time is Running Out." The top one, we'll call it "No Irritations Allowed"

I have more genius ideas for excel art in this head of mine, and will share them from time to time. I may actually break down my day into work, mindless chatting, personal email, etc. But this week would be pretty boring as I was working probably over 60% of the time. I may share my co-worker's week some times as that's even more entertaining.

If you have have mindless talents, do feel free to send to me at Doodles, poems, Deep Thoughts, etc.

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