Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lola's Corner - Meet Chelsea, Lady, and Beethoven

Hello Ladies and Germs...
It's that time again. I'm back from my vacation. Well I didn't really take a vacation, just a night off of work. No one sent me any pictures so mommy let me use some she found.

This is Chelsea
And her sister Lady
I can't wait to meet them, they sound like a lot of fun. Mom said they gave her her "dog fix" until I came along. She says they are really cool dogs and I'll like playing with them. I hope they teach me all about the snow some day soon...
I few weeks ago I played with a puppy that looked a lot like Chelsea only she was about my age. She was a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to playing with Chelsea and Lady.
This is uncle Beethoven. He's a few years older than me, but I'm much bigger than he is now. He's coming to visit again in a couple of weeks and I hope he doesn't bark at me. I suppose I shouldn't insist he play with me so much. But I'm a puppy, that's what I do...He's still fun when he decides to play with me... I might get fired if you guys don't send me any pictures of your pets. You don't want me to get fired do you??? Well If I do, maybe I'll just run for President or something like that since I'll have so much free time. I'd make a much cuter President don't you think??

Have a great week.
Lola Finola
Tiger Lily
more names than you really care to know....

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