Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Naive Dad

So get this, a father I know was telling us how he took his daughter camping with some of her friends for her 13th birthday. We starting asking if they were doing their YM and other teen magazine quizzes and other things that we did as teenage girls. He said they were texting because 2 of her friends were boy crazy. We said she was too.

You're going to love his response.....

"No she's not because she would tell me if she was."

I still can't stop laughing.

To which I said something along the lines of, boys don't have to be calling you or showing interest in you for you to have crushes on them at 13.

He maintained his position that she's not interested and she really would tell him.

To which I responded, "right, I wasn't ever a 13 year old girl."

And for the record I didn't tell my dad or my mom every time I had a crush on a boy. Nor did I have lots of boyfriends hanging around in junior high and high school. That didn't mean I didn't have crushes on boys. And it started before 13. I was well into adult hood before I even talked with my dad about being interested. And that was because if I wanted to bring a guy around it was hard to keep my interest a secret from my dad.

Denial is a dangerous thing. And quite funny in this case. I should have asked him if he asked his wife about this. I'm sure she knows better.


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I'm the mother of 2 teenage girls (18 & 14)...

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