Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lola's Corner - Lovesick for Barkley

Ah, aren't I just the sweetest little puppy you ever saw!!! I like to snuggle even in the car.

So today before I get into my love for Barkley, I'm going to talk about a serious issue. Parents getting pets that require lots of attention for their kids and then not holding their kids accountable for paying attention to them after the initial cuteness wears off.

If you get your kid a dog, you need to lead by example and teach them that a dog isn't to be ignored, isn't to be left behind when you go camping. Camping is perfect for us, we have so much energy. And don't just get a second dog because you want the 1st dog not to be lonely. If you feel guilty about not paying attention to us, you should. Ignoring 2 dogs doesn't make things better for us. We'll just tear things up until you pay attention to us. If you think we would be in the way, then don't bother getting us in the first place. There are plenty of warm loving families out there that will make us part of the family rather than the pesky pest thrown out in the back to be ignored except when you refill our food and water. If you don't want to commit to us and you're too weak to make your kids commit to us, then do us a favor and don't bother getting us. And don't make excuses for your kids saying they are too busy to spend time with us. Plenty of kids played sports and still spent time with their pets. We'd rather go to a family that will take us for walks, take us to the park, take us camping, and just spend time with us.

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Barkley, My Barkley,
How do I love thee,
Let me count the ways,
1. You're a real man
2. You're real hot
3. You like to play
4. You like to eat

That's really all I need in a man.
I hope I see you this weekend!!!

Send me pictures of your furry friends to to share with the rest of the world. Have a great weekend.

Sloppy kisses,


cube said...

Lola looks very much like my sister's dog, Pumpkin. She's very sweet - and so is my sister :-)

Tazzie's 'mom' said...

Excellent post, Lola. Neglect is a form of abuse, period.

People need to realize the decision to bring an animal into their life is as serious as the one to have a child. It's a forever commitment.

Pets are not like furniture or fashion, acquired on a whim and discarded or ignored when the newness passes and the reality of the responsibility of caring for another life sets in. This can't be said enough. ...

Also, I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but you are gorgeous!

All the best.

BTW, do you accept pictures of furry friends that are not canine?