Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Borrowers - Make Your Teens Borrow One Too!!!

So I don't know how many of you, if any of you, watched the stupid reality show called the Baby Borrowers that was on last night. It's one of those terrible shows the network can get away with because there's nothing else on in the summer. However, I must say, I like the concept.

They take 5 dating teenagers, presumably all 18 or more, but I might have missed something, and put them in their own house as a couple and transition them through the baby process. Presumably all of these kids think they are ready to get married and start having babies. What I really think, is the girls have no direction and don't want to try anything else in life out, and the boys are just along for the ride, because they're too chicken to break up with the girls and hurt their feelings and deal with the water works that will come if they break their hearts.

So phase one is the pregnancy belt for a day or two I guess, while they go to parenting classes. One girl was so "embarrassed" that she broke out in tears, and refused to wear it and refused to go to the parenting class. Then she had the nerve to throw a fit when her boyfriend did do what he agreed to, and go to class rather than stay there and pacify her. There's a girl ready for marriage, or a baby for that matter. That girl needs sterilization until she grows up!!!

Next comes the "delivery," which means the parents that have agreed to loan their babies out for 3 days arrive with the babies and detailed instructions on how to care for the baby. All the babies were under 1 year. Meanwhile the house is rigged with cameras and the parents are not far away if they feel it necessary to step in and give the kids some advice and mentorship. (side note, a professional nanny is in the house with them to intervene only in an emergency situation) So one of the girls who seems most passionate about being ready to have a baby, gets frustrated and jealous when the baby is calm and snuggly with her boyfriend but not her. There's another girl ready for marriage and a baby!!! Jealous, are you kidding me? Aren't you supposed to find it sexy when your man interacts so well with kids and shows signs of being a good father one day? But what could I possibly know about that since I'm not a parent? But no she pouts and has a cow when the baby's mom comes over to talk to them and give them some great advice about parenting, and points out their strengths and criticizes, constructively, their downfalls for the night. How does she respond? "I don't even want to do this anymore. And I'm just upset that the baby's mom came over" Honey, if you take that personal, how the hell do you plan to handle a teenager that hates you for cramping his/her lifestyle? Yep, she's ready to get knocked up too!!!

There was another girl that pouted when the mom came over to help them out when they failed to feed the baby all day. My hope is that at least 3-4 of these couples will break up after the show. There is about one couple that I don't hate so far, but that said, I hope that the show cures them or her from wanting a baby in the near future. You're still so very young. Give it about 10 years plus or minus a couple years. MINIMUM!!! Babies are not these cute little toys that love you. If that's all you want, get a puppy. I can vouch for their cute and cuddliness.

Every teenager, boys and girls, should have to babysit a sick baby for several hours. That baby needs to cry, throw up, poo while the diaper is being changed, and lets throw in pee all over the place while we're at it. Oh and when I say cry, I mean blood curdling screams that are unstoppable with the change of a diaper, bottle, rocking, or anything. If every teenager was subjected to this process, I guarantee you, the teen pregnancy rate would drop significantly. Either that or the adoption rate would go up and the amount of single mothers would drop significantly.

I know I talk about this a lot, but I'm very passionate about kids not having kids. And you're still a kid in your early 20's. Maybe that was just me. Either way, it's a process that I'm confident will work because it worked for me. I'm 30 and childless. I couldn't fathom being able to provide sufficiently for a child when I was 18 or 20 or 22 or 24. At least now, I know I could.


Oz said...

thats some show i would want to watch for the sake of entertainment.

and i do hope teen pregnancy rate will go down after teens watch the show

C said...

Absolutely!!! I agree totally, I wanted to see the show to see their faces when they were smacked with reality, unfortunately I missed it. Thanks for the blog.