Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lola's Corner - Meet My Other Removed Cousins

Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen to my corner. As you can see I'm busy cleaning out the pampas grass because we're getting a new fence hopefully on Friday!!! So I helped mom and dad cut it down to little stumps and bag it, because I'm a working dog, and that's what I do. I work. We did this so that they can put in a real fence to replace our falling down worthless fence that was bound to hurt someone soon if they didn't do something about it. Mom's arms got a scratched up and inflamed and made some kind of fancy arm art.

I don't think this picture does it justice, but you can kind of see what both of her arms looked like from this shot.
So today I'm going to introduce you to my other cousins once or twice removed or however that works. Their names are Snowball and Simon, and they are cats. I hope to have a boxing match with a cat someday. I think it might be fun. And I do think a cat would make a worthy opponent.

This is Snowball, I'm jealous because I would like to sit on the back of the couch like that.

This is Simon. Don't they both look snugglicious?

Snowball and Simon are the siblings of Buster and Aspen, who I introduced you to a few weeks ago. Since I have more pics of them, and they are boxers like myself, I will remind you of what they look like.


his is Aspen. Isn't she a cutie patutie?

And this is Buster. Partying like the rock star that he is.
So that's it for my corner. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember to send me pics of your furry, non-human, friends as it's official, I'm now out of pictures of my friends to share other than the 2 pictures I have that I will share with you at Christmas time. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors I want to meet their pets.
Until next time,
Cheese Rocks!!!


Rachel said...

My Moxie will chase the cats but not fight them, she prefers to come to me and ask me for help. Or else she talks like Chewbacca in hopes of them fighting her.

lisa said...

i may be biased, but aspen, buster, and lola are the cutest. boxers. ever! poor aspen wants to be friends with simon so bad. simon only allows her to get so close before he brings out "The Paw."
simon has been jealous that aspen and buster get to go outside. we started putting him on a kitty harness and leash to go outside for "potty time." they all kind of stick together as a pack and it's really cute. i'll try and get a pic of it.