Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Kids Back N'Sync - Is That Ridiculously Genius or What!?!?

So I guess this one is for the ladies probably within 5-7 years of me either way give or take. And perhaps their parents as they are about to relive a time period they thought was dead. I was not a New Kids on the Block fan. But I'll admit, I secretly liked Cover Girl. Oh oh oh, She's my Cover Girl, oh oh oh, oh oh oh.....That song rocked!!! But back in the day I kept my like of that song in the closet. I guess because I was trying so hard not to be like everyone else. Oh and of course I still knew their names and had my favorite. Mine was Jon, while everyone else loved Joey or Jordan. REALLY??? Because those two looked the most like girls of anyone in the group back in the day. How is it possible that they were the dreamboats of the group? I guess I went for the shy underdog. I know you might call Danny the underdog, but give me some credit. I had taste. Poor Danny always called a monkey. He's changed the least of everyone in the group.

All of my friends, well at least some of them that I've asked about it, are freaking excited that they will be coming to a town near them. Tickets go on sale any day and they are planning to go. That is one concert that will probably be as bad as going to a Jonas Brothers concert because all the women, who are now mothers, who were huge fans, will bring their 6-12 year old daughters probably, and teach them how to scream non-stop at a concert because the boys singing and dancing on stage are sooooo cute. Never mind that they are singing a song you might like to hear. Screaming is much more productive, because of all the thousands and thousands of screams, yours will be the most unique and heard. And Jordan or Joey will look directly at you and motion for you to come up on stage so they can sing to you. Afterwards, they'll send you backstage to wait for them for the after-party. And it will be the best night of your life. That's what screaming at a New Kids concert will accomplish.

Never mind the obvious that they are what, 15-20 years older. I guess we all are. But inside these crazy fans of theirs still have the posters and buttons somewhere and hold on to the fantasy that their favorite will see them in the crowd and instantly fall in love. I don't know how many of you had the giant buttons and the posters, but I'm sure most of you at least remember all the girls that came to school with the giant buttons pinned all over their back packs or on the back of their jean jacket. They were so cool. I wanted to be just like them. I was so jealous of their big awkward pins that they were wearing on their jacket, looking all cool with their Keds, french rolled jeans, and side pony tail. I bet you all miss those days don't you? I wasn't cool enough for all those things. Well I did rock the french rolled jeans now and then, but it was hard since I was tall and fighting the high water look to begin with.

So to all of you brave enough, perhaps crazy enough, to attend their concert, I hope it's everything you ever dreamed of and more. Better than the first time around. As for me, I'll just pop in my mixed CD that has Cover Girl on it, and turn up the volume as I sing at the top of my lungs driving to work as my tribute to all you nutty fans out there.


Traci said...

Well, Jon definitely seems to have aged the best out of all of them. Does Joey look like a young Rod Stewart or what? Poor least they are all well dressed and not trying to look like teenagers. I can't say I appreciate them for bringing that hideously awkward period of life back to the forefront of my mind but what the hell, the music was catchy.

Kellie said...

We're ruff, ruff, ruff...

Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh
Hangin' Tough!

Kristin said...

When you speak of NKOTB you speak with reverence young lady!

not only am I going to the NKOTB concert, I had a friend with an AmEx card buy advance tickets for AmEx members only.

Oct. 2 I will be "HANGING TOUGH!!"

Christiane said...

I've got my tickets! NKOTB forever! I get to relive my jr. high days and come home to my hubby, who just smiles and shakes his head a this crazy wife.

Rachel said...

I never got into them too much, but my grandma got me one of their ken-like dolls for x-mas. Let's just say that fella got a lot of love from my Barbies.

lisa said...

i was totally going to marry jonathan!! saw them on the Today Show the other morning, and wow. they kinda sucked. but i still could not control the huge smile on my face. it brought back the memories. if i get free tickets i will go see them in omaha. i'm not really willing to pay too much.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm not gonna get to go see NKOTB!! I'm soo jealous of everyone who's going!!
But if they decide to come to the Philippines...I'm there!!!

And I can't wait until NSYNC decides to get back together and do a tour!! I'm soo there for that one!!