Friday, June 20, 2008

A High School Pregnancy Pact...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

This is a special post as I couldn't pass this up when I heard about it today.

If you haven't heard about this yet, you can go read about it here.,8599,1815845,00.html

Is this what high school girls dream about now? Having babies at the same time, while still in high school. And how convenient that free daycare is offered at the school so the girls can drop their dolls off at daycare while they continue on with a normal life. These girls were in serious need of babysitting the sick babies job before making this decision.

The discussion goes back to the old discussion about whether or not schools should be allowed to dispense birth control to kids. That has nothing to do with this, because they clearly were trying to get pregnant. A homeless man as a father isn't enough of an indicator that they were trying to get pregnant? If you don't care who the father is enough to pick some random guy as your sperm donor, you don't deserve to reproduce. If you dispense birth control at the expense of the tax payers, these girls would have just thrown it away. Or taken what I like to call "air birth control" which I firmly believe accounts for the not 100% effective rate of oral contraceptives. I know I know, you were part of that group that got pregnant on it. Fine, I can't argue with you because I didn't watch you take it every day at the same general time. When it happens to me, and I know for a fact that I didn't miss any days or times, THEN, I will change my opinion on the subject. So I won't get into it any deeper as I am digressing from the point.

The point is, it's the parents' job to be so involved as to educate their kids about sex, and prevent a conspiracy like this from happening. You can argue abstinence vs. prevention all you want, but the fact is, there's only one guaranteed fix to prevent any teen pregnancies and I already wrote about it. If you didn't see the first time around, here it is.
This story just provides further evidence that this isn't such a bad plan.
If you want to teach them abstinence, fine, just don't tell them they are on birth control.


Traci said...

But they're all blessings from God!

Rachel said...

I want to know about the girl that got pregnant by a homeless high school boy would have sex with her? When did the boys start having more control then the girls?!