Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lola's Corner

Welcome once again to my corner. My name is Lola and I'll be your hostess as usual. Because I'm really cute and adorable which is redundant, but I can't help it. I wake up every day this way.

So I was contemplating poo the other day and just want a funny word it is. I'm sure you will agree with me. So much so that you probably like to say it just for fun. Kind of like I like to play with it just for fun. Well and to get daddy's goat. And if you've never said it just for fun, try singing a song where the only word you use is "poo"....It's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or make you laugh. And if it doesn't, then there must be something wrong with you. That's it.

So my first friends today are brought to you by Mr. Pickles, whom you've met before. Doesn't he look like a well loved and happy cat?

These are his furry little friends whose mamma made her way into his back yard. Aren't they just cute, cuddly little balls of fur? He makes sure that their mamma has enough food and water to feed them. Mr. Pickles, you're my hero for loving those kittens and giving them a chance at life. You get my "top paw of the week award". It's this brilliant new idea that I just had this instant. It consists of nothing but accolades. I have no budget for a trophy or certificate or even a can of special cat food. Congratulations Mr. Pickles!! Take an extra nap or get an extra belly rub or chin scratchin, or whatever tickles your fancy.

And this is Scout. He's a 4 year old Siberian Husky. Isn't he beautiful or handsome? or whatever is appropriate for a male dog. He had bright red eyes, so I tried to fix them. I can't tell if that means I gave him eyeliner in the process. If so, I apologize profusely. Anyways so Scout is the cousin of Riley, Maddie, and Hopper. You know Maddie and Hopper that are hated by their mother who clearly favors Riley. Scout is lucky he doesn't have to deal with that kind of nonsense.

His likes are howling, milk bones, playing with his friends (Ollie and Snickers), cats, and Riley.

His Dislikes are carbs, fireworks, and people messing with his food.

I don't blame you Scout, I don't want anyone messing with my food either, unless it's to give me more.

Well that's it for this week. Remember to send me pictures of your furry friends to Have a great week!!

Until next time,


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Traci said...

Mr. Pickles is honored to be the first recipient of the prestigious "Top Paw" award! Oh, and he thinks poo is funny, too!