Thursday, June 12, 2008

If Cooter Can Do It, Anyone Can

How many of you were Dukes of Hazzard fans? I was a huge fan!!! So huge that I turned down the recent movie since it got such bad reviews. If you're going to do a Dukes movie, it better be dang good. If you're a hard-core fan like I was, then you remember Cooter the mechanic.

So if you check out this article,
you'll find that he went on a 20 year drugs and alcohol binge as only someone destined to play a character named Cooter and destined to be a politician could. But you know what else you'll find out if you read this article, he quit alcohol cold turkey.

Good for you Cooter! You are truly someone we can all look up to. Way to go Cooter! You proved that all the whiny people that complain that they can't quit drugs or alcohol or cigarettes because the addiction is so strong, even though they "really want to," are all full of it. They are choosing not to quit. You proved that such a strong physical addiction can be overcome if someone truly wants to overcome it.

Now go and give Lindsay, Britney, and all those other crazy Hollywood rehab kids a good swift kick in the pants and get them scared straight!!! Because their parents obviously can't. Well I give kudos to Brit's dad for finally stepping in...although I have no clue the status of how that's going.

Now I better not hear a tabloid story of how you're entering rehab tomorrow for alcohol addiction, or I'll be pissed.

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