Sunday, June 22, 2008


Why do you feel it appropriate to sit in my cube while I'm on a personal call?
Why do you deny the fact that you have a favorite child?
Why do you think those of us without kids couldn't possibly understand the parent/child relationship?
Why does the sound of your voice sound like nails on a chalkboard?
Why do you make my skin crawl?
Why do I feel like I need a shower after you look at me?
Why do you need to justify hiring for an empty position when 2 of us are admittedly bored and the rest are just over-dramatic about how busy they are?
Why are you so opposed to efficiency?
Why is it necessary for me to do nothing at the office when I can do that at home?
Why is it ok for the government to take my hard earned money?
Why isn't the general public outraged by this?
Why are we so competitive?
Why is making more money of higher value than free time?
Why do some men wear pink?
Why do you feel it necessary to sell your pyramid electricity to co-workers?
Why won't you take "no" for an answer?
Why don't you believe it when you are told that a person doesn't make decisions like that without discussing it with their spouse?
Why can't you take a hint?
Why don't you watch Boiler Room and learn the lesson "Don't Pitch the Bitch?"
Why are greeting cards so expensive?
Why can't I be happy getting paid to do nothing?
Why can't people take responsibility for themselves?
Why can't I win the lottery?
Why should the government/hard-working public, pay for weight loss surgery?
Why couldn't Carnie Wilson keep her weight off after surgery?
Why isn't this enough proof that the hard-working taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it?
Why do responsible people owe irresponsible people anything?
Why do you come to the ER for the flu?
Why do you lack the conscience to pay for your bills?
Why won't elephants just forget the bad stuff?
Why does sugar have to taste so good?
Why does cheese taste better in excess?
Why don't you see the stupidity of your question?
Why can't people make better choices?
Why do people blame anyone or anything but themselves?
Why do dogs have short life spans?
Why do you insist on using the stall next to me every time?
Why do feet and armpits have to stink?
Why don't we have a 2-day work week and a 5-day weekend?
Why doesn't my work matter enough for you to look at it but I can't do anything with it until you do look at it?
Why can't I be more of a risk taker?
Why does baby powder smell so bad?
Why can't I be funny?
Why do some people despise the greatest country in the world?
Why are they trying to turn it into the not greatest country?
Why do celebrities think we care what they think?
Why are most of these outspoken celebrities so ignorant about economics?
Why do you think written testimony is not sufficient enough for the record when the rules clearly state that it is?
Why did I think I could actually dress myself in the dark?
Why won't you people mow your lawns?
Why is it steamy hot outside?
Why aren't more people outraged by the price of gas?
Why can't we work from home and save you facility costs?
Why don't more people care about economics?
Why are people so rude in traffic?
Why are movie critics so critical?
Why were pleats considered a good thing on pants?
Why do I feel compelled to watch bad movies on Lifetime?
Why can't I be more of a Lady?

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