Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lola's Corner - Meet this Mommy's Least Favorite Kids

Awww...Remember when I was a brand new baby puppy. This is from my first night in my home. I was scared, yet curious, and not the least bit shy. I was a charmer from the beginning. Too bad daddy thinks I'm defective. He swears to me he just says that to get mommy's goat. But I haven't seen a goat around here, so I'm not sure if I should develop a complex about this or not. Oh well...All I know is that I was just as cute as can be, and I'm getting cuter as I get bigger.

So today I'm going to introduce you to Hopper and Maddie. They are the sisters of Riley the German Shepherd I introduced you to awhile back. You know the one that is their mom's favorite. Apparently she cares so little for Maddie and Hopper that it was like pulling teeth to get her to send me pictures. And I don't care what she says, They are just as cute as can be. I even met them, and they are nice. It's Riley's fault I haven't met them again. I guess it's a case of loving the one with the most "issues" to hopefully help her fix those "issues." Too bad she doesn't realize that Maddie and Hopper are going to drop out of high school and become crack whores all because she didn't love them enough. Maddie and Hopper, before you turn to a life of sex and drugs, come over to my house. There's plenty of room in my kennel for 3.
This is Maddie. Believe it or not, she was the first one in the family, not Riley. How can her mommy be so cruel and heartless? Those eyes are saying "mommy, please love me, don't make my destiny be a life of crime."

This is Hopper. I think the name is proof enough. How can you not like Hopper though...she's nice and cute. And I don't think she barked once at me. But I have a terrible memory.

Well that's it for this time. Send me pics of your non human furry friends to If I hadn't begged for these, I might have had to share more pictures of me, and mommy needs to take more. So send them in!!! Pretty Please!!!!!
Until next time, milk bone dreams and beggin strip snacks.

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Rachel said...

Nothing beats a boxer pup!