Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lola's Corner - I'm Getting Fixed!!!

Hello again. I've missed you all. I hope you have been eagerly awaiting this day when I share my beautiful mug with you. Really, I'm shocked that I haven't been offered a high dollar modeling contract yet. That's just how gorgeous I am.
So great news. I'm getting fixed tomorrow!!! The reason I'm so excited is that this means I can go have as much sex as I want with whatever dogs I want, and not have to worry about getting knocked up!!! So I plan on offering myself to every male dog that will have me. Especially that 100 lb boxer I've been playing with at the dog park the last two Sundays. He's a real stud. A real man if you know what I mean....not one of those sissy boys. I'm very excited!! I told him to wait for me and he said he would. Then he smacked me around a bit. But I liked it. I went back for more.
So no one emailed me any pics this week, but here's a link to a picture of Moxie the boxer I wanted to share with you.
Rachel, is Moxie a boy or girl because I want to say boy, but that may be wishful thinking considering my soon to be infertile status. If Moxie's a boy, I'm way interested in going out with him. He's a sexy beast with that marshmellow (I refuse to call it marshmallow). To everyone else out there, there are more pics of Moxie on the "How to Celebrate the 4th of July" post still on the main page, which can be gotten to by deleting everything after .com in the browser and hitting enter. Since they have a human in them, I'll have to let you all navigate to see them, as it would otherwise violate my no humans rule. They are really cute though. I need a pool to go swimming in too!!!
So send me your pictures of you pets for next week. I'm out, with the exception of Christmas pictures which will have to wait until then.
Have a wonderful weekend which is almost here, and wish me luck and pray for me as I go under the knife tomorrow and for the doctor.

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