Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nat's Still Running the Peach Pit!

My post just got lost. dangit!!

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Nat's running the Peach Pit and he's freakin 71. Retire already. Oh by the way 90210 the new class is set to be on the CW network for those of you that haven't heard the mediocre news. Kelly and Donna are coming back. Kelly as the guidance counselor and Donna presumably as Kelly's BFF!! I'm sure she'll be a super rich and famous fashion designer who designs the school uniforms. The girls' uniforms of which will be extra slutty. How else are they going to get people to watch?

Rumor has it Brenda might too. But that makes no sense since she couldn't even make it back for her brother's failed wedding. It's not like she didn't have access to enough money. Her parents were filthy rich. Especially by then. Maybe they just had the worst case of sibling rivalry that they failed to address on the show. Or maybe she at twintuition that the wedding wasn't actually going to happen, so why bother.

My husband is convinced I'll watch. I say I won't. But I said I wouldn't watch the O.C. and look what happened. But that show really was terrible. Sometimes you watch crap when you're bored. The only thing I would be interested in is if more of the original cast came back and they showed tremendous personal growth. So it's possible that I'll check out the first episode or so, but if they focus in on the new class I'll lose interest fast. If they could get all of the original cast back together, that would be a reunion not unlike the New Kids on the Block reunion. Well except without the money making reunion concert. So not really anything like it.

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