Sunday, July 20, 2008

Socially Ignorant or Just Atagonistic?

So I have a coworker who's completely inappropriate in more ways than one. He likes to look the ladies up and down and rarely looks at them in the eyes unless that's the only option you give him. i.e. never turn your body to face him, only your head, and if need be, turn your body away so all he can look at is your head or your shoulder. This coworker has told many an inappropriate stories about his own family, I can't even share the one that scarred us all for life, because there's no need for you all to be scarred as well.

Occasionally when we go out to lunch on for birthdays in our groups, he has been know to make politically provocative statements. No one seems to know if he's trying to get a discussion going, or if he's ignorant to the fact that we are such a diverse group that we will not all agree politically, hence the a bad idea to bring these topics up. Either way, the discussion is always quickly changed by any of the rest of us to more appropriate topics of conversation, because the statements he makes are so ignorant, his own political peers don't want him representing the views of their party. I say this not because it's inappropriate to discuss politics, but we are in a working environment where we have to get along and work together, and politics is so polarizing that unless you know you all agree, it's socially a bad topic to bring up in the workplace. Especially because most of us are reasonable and agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how right or wrong it is. And we all feel strongly about ourselves being right that we aren't even open to changing our minds.

This is all build up to tell you about our last staff meeting. He decides to tell the boss that he will potentially be out for jury duty (this is not something I would bring up in a staff meeting. I would go to the boss's office or send an email explaining this). Then he continues on to say he doesn't think he'll be picked because it's a capital case and he's against the death penalty. First of all. He lives in a county that's most likely going to share his point of view. Second of all, it's the defendant's lawyer's job to try and pick a jury of people that won't give his client the death penalty if he is found guilty. So there is no logic to your statement. Second, I really couldn't care less of what your opinion of the death penalty is, but a staff meeting certainly isn't the appropriate time to throw out those kinds of statements. Because 1, it wastes the rest of our time. And 2, you know that no one is going to challenge your point of view, because the rest of us know this is an inappropriate time and place to do so.

So I've decided to go into tomorrow's staff meeting and declare to everyone, "I believe in abortion, but only as a form of birth control, because if this had happened to all the criminals on death row, then their victims would still be alive and we wouldn't have to have this silly debate about whether or not the death penalty is right or wrong."

My conclusion is now just antagonistic.


kellie said...

Uhhh...I was about to say something sarcastic about the afore mentioned co-worker but I'll rant about it later.

In the meantime I'll occupy my time by having conversations with peoples chests.

P.S. Next staff meeting I'm spreading a world map across the table with the countries I think we should bomb marked in red.

Anonymous said...

When you bring it up at your next staff meetings, PLEASE, tell us their reaction! It should be priceless...I would preface it by saying “since person X shared his belief on the death penalty, I thought I would share my opinion on abortion as a team building exercise.”