Monday, July 14, 2008

St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican - Rome

Welcome to St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican compound. For those of you that don't know, the Vatican is it's own little city in Rome. Meaning it's its own municipality. I could be off in my understanding of it so check wikipedia if you really care. It has it's own post office I know that. Anyways so my St. Peter's Basilica is my focus today. This is because Italy is filled with so much art and none struck me the way this place did. If you only have time for one museum of art, or if art gets really redundant to you as it does for me, go to the Vatican, take the full tour, but make sure you hit St. Peter's Basilica before you go into the Vatican. St. Peter's is free and if you go early enough in the morning, the square will be empty and it's worth the view. See this first picture that I so brilliantly blotched out our faces (as I have a no humans allowed on this blog rule except for terrible pictures of celebs maybe) all with the aid of my paintbrush program. hmmm who knew you could do that? I'm for hire if anyone wants to pay for my obviously fantastic skills.

Wait too long and the square fills up quickly, this shot is still very early in the morning. You probably want to get there at the crack of dawn. Get yourself an overpriced coffee at one of the shops on the block next to the Vatican and then head into the square to enjoy the peacefulness. I promise there will be a Japanese tourist there to take your picture.

The rest of the shots are from inside the Basilica. It's huge and very beautiful, and these pictures don't begin to show you all that's in there. It's worth the visit if you get the chance though.

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Christiane said...

The Vatican is actually it's own country. That's what our tour guide told us anyway:)